Michael's Place - Let the Healing Begin

About Our Services

Let the healing begin.

Take advantage of Michael's Place programs for children, teens, adults, seniors, families and more.

Michael’s Place offers grief support services designed to ease the loss of loved ones. Grieving children, teens, and adults often feel disconnected from friends and family members. The use of a support system with others who understand and can help them on their journey of healing. It is often easier discussing loss with others who are having similar experiences.

We engage participants in group activities that are creative, positive and productive in order to elicit feelings of comfort and safety in connection to their loss. Children and teens meet in age-appropriate groups while adults meet with others who share the same type of loss such as death of a child, death of a spouse or parent, or survivors of suicide. 

Helping Schools and Employers

Michael’s Place has also developed support programs designed specifically for the unique needs of schools and employers experiencing a death in the community. Learn more about these programs.