Michael's Place - Let the Healing Begin

Community Grief Support

Michael's Place customizes grief support programs to meet the unique needs of large communities of people suffering loss.

Schools, employers, churches and others can benefit from a tailored program.

Grief and loss can significantly impact the operations of a school or place of employment. Many such organizations have a sense of commitment to being prepared for tragedy and having the ability to provide comfort and support without delay.

In response to this need, Michael’s Place provides professional guidance to many organizations such as schools, churches and businesses designed to prepare them for a traumatic event involving the death of a member of their community, or to assist them in a crisis response to such a death.

Ideally, Michael’s Place becomes involved in preparing for an event long before it occurs, allowing for a well-designed crisis response plan and ample training for employees.

To assist organizations in developing a plan, Michael’s Place first evaluates possible crisis scenarios, defines resources, identifies community members who could be impacted, and selects organization leaders who are capable of serving as advisors. Michael’s Place believes it is critical to customize a crisis response based on each organization’s unique needs.

Once a crisis response plan is developed, Michael’s Place can provide follow-up support by providing a variety of resources:

  • Debriefing sessions for those impacted
  • Books and reference materials
  • Audio visual presentations
  • Event speakers
  • Brochures
  • Many other services, as needed