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School Services

School-based Grief Crisis Response Initiative

Since Michael’s Place was founded in 2000, schools have asked for assistance to help them respond to a death of a student, a faculty member, or other person significant to the school community. 

As a result, Michael’s Place has collaborated with area schools, TBA-ISD, Third Level Crisis Center, and area mental health workers to develop this School-Based Grief Response Initiative. This initiative offers support to schools before, during and after a death in the school community. This support is offered at no cost to the schools or students receiving these services. 

 Michael’s Place offers schools support BEFORE a bereavement crisis by developing a Bereavement Crisis Plan Template that schools can individualize for their own district, for each building and each situation.  This template is available on a CD for all schools in our area, and trainings are offered to school administrators, counselors and social workers to explain its use and assist in the development of each school’s individualized plan. So far forty-eight schools, as well as 35 masters’ level counseling and social work students have received this template.

 Michael’s Place offers schools support DURING a bereavement crisis by providing assistance to the school’s crisis team as they work through their individualized crisis plan, as well as providing support to students, faculty and staff who are also grieving.

 Michael’s Place offers schools support AFTER a bereavement crisis by helping them assess which students and staff are at-risk and need on-going support; by facilitating on-going support groups; by providing community forums and educational presentations;by providing materials to assist families, students and staff as they grieve; and by providing referrals to many types of support services in their area.