Michael's Place - Let the Healing Begin


Learn and share from our extensive library.

Michael’s Place maintains an extensive collection of resources for adults, teens and children. Our materials include fiction and non-fiction, spiritual, and practical information – all with the intention of providing comfort to those who grieve.

We encourage families, teachers, and friends to visit our library to borrow, learn and share these valuable resources as one important step in the journey of healing. These materials can help those who suffer loss understand that they are not alone and that there are ways to heal while still honoring their loved ones.

The Michael’s Place library offers useful reference documents, such as:

  • How to help a grieving friend
  • How to help a grieving child at school
  • Actions of support for those who grieve
  • Words of support for those who grieve

In some cases, healing requires teamwork. Michael’s Place relies on several area agencies to contribute to the support of grieving families. Visit our Support Organization page to learn about other helpful community organizations, and our Online Grief Recources page for websites that we value for their useful information.