Michael's Place - Let the Healing Begin

Grief support information is readily available online, and we can help you find it.

Michael's Place values the information contained at the web sites listed below as helpful resources for our own staff and the families we help. We encourage you to explore these sites with special emphasis on the sections we've noted.


Children’s Grief Education Association

Teens’ page

For parents:

  • Anticipatory grief
  • Children attending funerals
  • Grieving children: what to say
  • Informing a child of a death
  • Children’s grief responses
  • How to help chart
  • Suicide

For teachers:

  • Classroom concerns for grieving children
  • Bibliography

For counselors:

  • Grief counseling for children

National Alliance of Grieving Children
The National Alliance of Grieving Children
promotes awareness of the needs
of grieving children and teens
and provides a wealth of resources
through the network.

The Dougy Center

Help for kids
Help for teens

  • 35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child
  • Helping Children Cope with Death
  • Helping Teens Cope with Death
  • Helping the Grieving Student: A Guide for Teachers
  • After A Suicide: A Workbook for Kids

Recover from Grief
Grief information
Hierarchy of grief needs
Resources for parents
Resources for children
“Comfort” ideas
On-line memory pages
Healing artwork
Hello Grief
Grief at different ages
Supporting grieving children
Resources -Topic Specific
Teens and grief
Ways to help children
Grief and the adolescent

Survivors of Suicide

Suicide – frequently asked questions
Understanding suicide
Beyond surviving
How to help a survivor heal

Compassionate Friends
Understanding grief when your child dies
Death of an infant
Suicide of a child
Caring for surviving children
When a brother or sister dies
Suggestions for teachers and school counselors
How can I help?
When an employee/coworker is grieving

Ele’s Place 
A Child’s Grief
For Parents: When a child needs help
Tips for teachers and other school personnel
Teen page
Explaining suicide to children
Explaining illness to children

Sesame Street
When families grieve
Military families
Non-military families
Talk, Listen, Connect