Understanding of Grief: Children aged 3-5 years:



  • Do not understand the permanence of death; sees it as temporary and reversible
  • May think that their loved one is sleeping, or on a trip
  • May wonder what will happen if another family member dies
  • Repetitive with questions about the death

How to help:

  • Physical contact and reassurance
  • Encourage children to play and have fun
  • Give simple, honest answers to questions
  • Answer repetitive questions gently and with patience
  • Allow safe ways to express feelings
  • Include them in the mourning process


If you are looking to support a grieving child, have questions or concerns, we are available to help. Please call us at the office at (231) 947-6453 or by email at GoodGrief@MyMichaelsPlace.net and talk with one of our grief support staff.


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