Thursday, November 17th

What it is

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is a day to reflect on the impact that a death has on children, and of their need for support. In honor of this day and everyday we can:

  • EDUCATE the community about grieving children.
  • EQUIP peers and adults to support grieving children.
  • HONOR these children and their loved ones who have died.


Why it’s important

  • One in 11 children in Michigan will experience the death of a parent or sibling by age 18Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model
  • Children’s grief can seem invisible to those around them, often leading to the misconception that children are “resilient” and just “get over it.” But children need support- more support and for a longer time than most people assume.
  • When caregivers openly and honestly discuss the person and/or the death, bereaved children feel understood and validated.


How you can help

  • Acknowledge and validate emotional responses that arise.
  • Maintain open communication, listen without judgment, and answer questions with age-appropriate honesty.
  • Be honest with your own emotions. Let them know it’s OK to be angry or sad.
  • Encourage creative outlets to express their feelings.
  • Connect them with peers who understand.


Resources to Help Support a Grieving Child



Learn more about Children’s Grief Awareness Day and how you can support grieving children at