How you can support Michael’s Place.



Your financial contribution to Michael’s Place supports our mission of helping those who are grieving heal in a healthy manner.

Michael’s Place is a non-profit organization and provides our services to any interested individual, family and organization at no cost.  It is crucial that our grief support services be freely available to anyone regardless of economic status, as death does not discriminate. Many families have already been financially burdened by the death of a loved on because of medical bills, funeral costs, and loss of income.  In order to continue on our mission, Michael’s Place relies heavily on financial contributors to maintain operations.

There are many ways to provide financial support to Michael’s Place – some ways provide immediate funding and others defer your contribution until a later date of your choosing. Donations may be made in memory or in honor of a loved one. Please keep in mind that you will receive a receipt for your tax deductible support, as Michael’s Place is a 501(c) 3 organization. For more information, please contact our office at (231) 947-6453 or


Opportunities to Give:

Stock Transfer
Michael’s Place is able to accept contributions in the form of stock transfers.IRA Distributions
Individuals may direct a portion of their IRA distributions to Michael’s Place in the form of a contribution. Questions on IRA contributions can be directed to Michael’s Place, or donors may work with their own financial advisors for assistance.

Estate Planning
Many donors opt to allocate a portion of their estate to Michael’s Place at the time of their death. This is a thoughtful and appreciated way to leave a legacy of hope and generosity. Michael’s Place can assist interested donors with the proper information needed to designate Michael’s Place in estate planning documents.

Other Ways to Give
In addition to financial support, Michael’s Place treasures gifts of time, talent and supplies. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page and our Wish List page for more information.


For more information on any of these gift opportunities, contact Connie Wintzinger at (231) 947-6453 or