National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month


National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month


“Prevention” can be a difficult word for those whose loved one died of suicide, as it adds to the burden of guilt for signs absent or missed, fear of judgement by others for not being able to prevent the death, and self-blame that is an incredibly debilitating aspect of grief.


Still other bereaved individuals may feel pulled to engage in suicide prevention and intervention work, finding a sense of purpose and determination to do what they can to ensure others are spared the pain they’ve experienced.


What we can say with certainty is that those who die of suicide are so much more than how they died. They have a story that includes many personal strengths, moments of great joy, and the legacies of how they lived are far more important than the way their life ended.


At Michael’s Place there is HOPE for those who are grieving a loved one’s death to suicide. Contact us today, if you are interested in grief support services. (231) 947-6453 or



HOPE Lives in Northern Michigan



While Michael’s Place provides important aftercare services for those who have experienced a loss to suicide, others in the community are providing vital services in suicide prevention and intervention.


HOPE Lives in Northern Michigan  is an event to inspire action — to bring awareness to local suicide prevention and intervention and aftercare support; to remember those we have lost and inspire hope for those who are still fighting, led by a dedicated group of individuals with lived experience.


Through the month of September, HOPE Lives in Northern Michigan is not only hosting a number of suicide awareness and education opportunities, but also encouraging the community to provide financial support to local organizations in the field, including Michael’s Place.


100% of the funds raised will stay right here in our local Northern Michigan communities for Suicide Prevention / Intervention and Aftercare grief support services, training, and education

To make a donation directly towards the grief support services at Michael’s Place, in support of the HOPE Lives in Northern Michigan initiative, click on the donate button below:



About HOPE Lives in Northern Michigan

Suicide Prevention Month Events


Local Organizations Benefiting from HOPE Lives in Northern Michigan:

22 to None

Addiction Treatment Services of Traverse City

Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan

Kierstens Ride

Michael’s Place

National Alliance on Mental Illness Grand Traverse

Reining Liberty Ranch