20 Years of Restoring Hope

Together, we build a compassionate community. 

“It can be maddening sometimes to be surrounded by people who don’t understand your incredible loss and the feelings associated with it. In a world that wants you to “hurry up and get over it,” Michael’s Place provides a safe place to work through your grief.”

– Angela, Program Participant

In any given year, one in five children experience a significant death, and 1 in 20 lose a parent by age 18. These numbers have elevated substantially because of the pandemic.  A recent JAMA Pediatrics article reported that by February 2021, nearly 40,000 U.S. children had lost at least one parent to COVID-19.

“Sweeping national reforms are needed to address the health, educational, and economic fallout affecting children,” the report warns. “Parentally bereaved children will also need targeted support to help with grief, particularly during this period of heightened social isolation.”



Together, we restore hope.

Angela and Aviana began their journey with Michael’s Place after someone from the Cowell Family Cancer Center gave them the suggestion. Angela had lost the love of her life, Shawn, and Aviana her dad in the spring of 2019. He was just 49 years old. Life was forever changed and difficulties mounted. Angela faced numerous challenges as a now-single and grieving parent. Aviana was sad, angry, and struggling at school.

Angela and Aviana found hope and connection at Michael’s Place. They are healing together with others, even in the midst of the pandemic. Your generosity assures that Michael’s Place is here for a precious family like this now and for years to come.


Together, we thrive

Join Michael’s Place in building a compassionate community, where no child or adult grieves alone. Your investment helps us continue to provide vital grief support and resources, without the burden of cost.