We offer grief support, training, and education to the school community.


Since Michael’s Place was founded in 2001, schools have asked for assistance to help them respond to a death of a student, a faculty member, or other person significant to the school community.


As a result, Michael’s Place offers a variety of grief support opportunities to schools, including:

  • Grief Education to Students, Families and Faculty
  • Bereavement Crisis Planning
  • Consultation During Crisis
  • Aftercare Support for Students, Faculty, and Others Involved in a Grief Crisis
  • In-School Grief Support Groups for Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Helpful Resources:

Talking with Students About the Death of a Student or Faculty

Understanding Children’s Grief – Developmental Stages


If you are interested in any of our School Grief Support opportunities, please contact us at (231) 947-6453 or via email at GoodGrief@MyMichaelsPlace.net.