Support for Schools

We offer grief support, training, and education to the school community.


Since Michael’s Place was founded in 2001, schools have asked for assistance to help them respond to a death of a student, a faculty member, or other person significant to the school community.


As a result, Michael’s Place offers a variety of grief support opportunities to schools, including:

  • Grief Education to Students, Families and Faculty
  • Bereavement Crisis Planning
  • Consultation During Crisis
  • Aftercare Support for Students, Faculty, and Others Involved in a Grief Crisis
  • In-School Grief Support Groups for Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Helpful Resources:

Talking with Students About the Death of a Student or Faculty

Understanding Children’s Grief – Developmental Stages


If you are interested in any of our School Grief Support opportunities, please contact us at (231) 947-6453 or via email at